Yoga Teacher Training = Thoughts after Third Weekend (Anatomy)


I have obviously been overwhelmed since it has been two weeks since my anatomy weekend for yoga teacher training and I have finally gotten around to blogging about it.  I have no previous anatomy training.  I believe my last biology class was in high school.  So needless to say I went in without any previous understanding.  I knew the basic muscles and that was it.  The training was a massive flood of information.  I was not prepared.  If I knew ahead of time what we would have been covering, I would have watched some YouTube videos or flipped through a book (see reference recommendations below) before the weekend.  There was a skeleton in front of the class and we were given a list of terminology for joint movements and then breezed through a bunch of muscle groups.

  • Planes of movement = Sagittal, Frontal or Coronal and Transverse
  • Joint movement terms = Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, Dorsiflexion, Plantarflexion, Circumduction, etc
  • Then all of the muscles (too many to list!)

I am having a hard time rating the weekend because I do not have anything with which to compare.  Since I am still so confused, I did sign up for another anatomy weekend workshop end of September at another yoga studio.  I have found that the joint movements are a little easier to grasp now after watching the YouTube series mentioned below.  I have spent around 20 hours of studying and doing my own google searching and research since that weekend.  It is a complex topic and trying to apply it to yoga has been very difficult.  Our homework included taking a list of poses and breaking down the plane of movement, joint movements and identifying the working and stretching muscles.  One would assume that just getting into a pose yourself you would be able to identify these items.  Nope.  I have done a countless number of Warrior 2 poses in my life and I still cannot figure out the exact muscles engaging/working vs. stretching.  Fun fact – if you hold a pose long enough to try to figure out your homework, the end result will be that your legs and arms just plain hurt!

Yes I am frustrated but I remain determined.  I am hoping that my own study of the topic and also the fall training will allow me a better understanding.  Some of the students are getting together to study but I feel that would not be beneficial.  We would have tons of questions and no answers.  Like a bunch of folks trying to get somewhere without a map!

So yes I did turn in my homework.  Yes I did my best.  Yes I feel there are a bunch of errors.  At this time, it was the best I could do without driving myself absolutely nuts!

The training has made yoga a little less fun.  I am trying to stay positive.  I know I am blessed to have the time and opportunity to learn.

Till next time…Namaste!

Reference recommendations…

  • YouTube – Laura Goellner (Anatomy Basics video series)
  • Book – Yoga Anatomy-2nd Edition by Leslie Kaminoff