Yoga Teacher Training = Sixth Weekend

July was an absolute blur!  It went by so fast and I was extremely busy.  Practicing as much as possible and also starting to incorporate spin class to my personal exercise routine.  I think the trifecta of yoga, Pilates and spin is suiting me perfectly.

Updated tally – 6 training weekends completed, 5 more to go!  The remaining weekends include hands-on assistance training, our written exam and teaching our group 60 minute class to each other and then hosting two community classes.

The July weekend we covered what will be on the written exam, additional poses (asanas), Chakras, Sanskrit language and practiced teaching.  Right now I am focused on memorizing the spelling of the Sanskrit words like the 8 limbs, 5 Yamas and 5 Niyamas.  They are tricky to spell so I keep writing them over and over.

I had the opportunity to experience teaching a class and individuals in my home.  I not only enjoyed teaching, but with many hours of practicing and prepping, I was able to have a smooth flowing class – sequence, cues and music.  The students enjoyed the class which made me feel extremely accomplished.  Since we are over halfway done with training, it is nice to know that my efforts are going towards something that brings me joy and benefits others as well.  I still like the level one or beginner group the best.  I know it is more challenging since you have to provide more cues and physically demo more often but I like the idea of bringing someone new to the practice.  I like to be a champion of the fact that yoga really is for everyone.

I want to take a moment to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of the women in my training class who have been incredibly supportive.  Coming from an intense corporate background with high competition among the few females in technology, it is refreshing that a group of women CAN actually support each other.  Celebrating success of others, offering helpful feedback and giving opportunities to practice teaching.  All done freely and without any expectation of something in return.  I can tell the friendships I am making in training will last past this session.  Teacher training is deceptively difficult and being in front of a class can be overwhelming, vulnerable and invoke anxious butterflies in the stomach.  But the support of the other trainees gives you added internal strength and resolve.  It makes you know that you cannot fail.  You are part of a community.  You just keep practicing and improving and feeling more comfortable with each step.

I will end with a quote that has been resonating with me due to training.  We are all at different stages in our teacher abilities.  This is natural and expected.  There is nothing good or bad about it.  It just is.  Some individuals have demanding jobs, distractions or just have not been able to practice as much.  There have been instances of individuals saying they do not teach well or they wished they were catching on faster.  Even worst those that compare their skills to others in class.  I think these negative thoughts are actually attaching to their self and becoming a part of their teacher training story.  If they accepted where they were in the present moment and just took one step at a time, without negativity and with consistent practice and attention, I think they would see improvements naturally.  “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought”

I have much admiration to anyone who is studying to become a yoga teacher and those currently teaching yoga.  I send a warm Namaste to all of you!

I am currently in my August training weekend (aka weekend number 7) so I will be blogging about my experience this weekend as well.