Yoga Teacher Training = Fourth Weekend (Advanced Cues)

Four weekends done, seven more to go!

Last week went by super fast!  It was the week after training so it was getting back to my “normal” schedule.  I am practicing yoga more and also Pilates on the reformer.  I increased my Pilates membership from 4 to 8 classes per month since I was seeing a major improvement in my strength.  It is the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.  I never wanted to be X size or X type of body shape.  I do want to make sure that I can move freely and with ease.  They say you are as young as your spine is flexible.  I find that to be very true.  The more aches, pains and stiff joints make you feel like you are WAY older than your actual age.

I was able to turn in my anatomy homework.  I did not hear any errors about it so I am moving on and saying that I did a good job.  I signed up for another anatomy weekend training end of September.  I would love to have another teacher explain the concepts.  I am interested enough in learning about the joints and muscles so I figured it would only benefit me in the end.

I still need to type up the notes from the weekend training, I should be able to do them this week.  I really enjoyed our weekend.  I think it was a combo of three fantastic teachers plus the subject matter.  We learned pranayama techniques…aka different ways to breathe in yoga.  Yoga is all about breath control.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga.  Some breathing exercises you use to calm down and others to build fire in the body.  The rest of the weekend we did advanced cuing and reviewing of poses.  I liked the advanced cues because they are more about drawing a picture in the mind of your students.  Very creative.  I was able to practice teaching twice and it was such a high.  I must have releases a TON of endorphins because I was on cloud 9.  I let go of the perfect language and just had fun.  I ended up making the class laugh a couple of times which made me smile.  I was told by other students that I did a great job and was naturally funny.  I loved hearing that since I think yoga should lift your spirits, bring joy, make you smile and even laugh out loud!  Otherwise, why do it?!  I practice yoga because I love it.  It is a part of me, who I am as a person.  If I am able to bring joy to others through a yoga practice, that is a beautiful thing.  I do love thinking about yoga themes for classes and creating music playlists.  I like the creative aspect of designing a class.

I think the biggest step (in a positive direction) I recently took was mentally letting go of the pressure to be perfect.  When I meditate or set my intention during yoga, I state to just let go.  (No I am not quoting the Frozen kids movie)  I am just being much more comfortable with uncertainty or confusion.  Being in a place of not knowing is freeing.  I am completely safe, I cannot fail.  When we remain still and quiet, we allow inspiration to come in.  The answer if I will be a teacher or not will come in time.  I am not expecting myself to cue the yoga poses correctly yet.  I will mess up and it is fine!  No one is getting hurt.  Being hard on myself will not get me anywhere.  Basically I decided just to have fun and remove the pressure.  Of course I am practicing when I can and I am still doing my homework and taking class/workshops seriously.  I am just not setting any end goal.  I am OK with making mistakes.  I know it is part of the learning process.  Plus I respect my yoga teachers so much that I would never expect myself to get to their level of expertise in such a short amount of time.  I know they have been teaching for many years and it is a process that you get comfortable with over time.  You find your yoga teacher voice eventually.

I am starting to spend time with other yogi students in my training and they are amazing women.  They inspire me whether they realize it or not.  I was honored to be present when one of my new yoga friends led her first hour class (with a certified teacher present).  She did a wonderful job, the class was organic and beautiful.  I hope she is proud of herself since I was very proud of her.  I think our group is getting closer and forming friendships because we are a great support system for each other.  Plus we already have yoga in common.  I am excited to get a few more fantastic women in my life, I think I am a better person when I have good friends surrounding me.

One of my yoga teachers said a quote “Moving in the right direction (even slowly) is always faster/better than standing still”.  That is why I step back and remind myself that I am brave to try new things.  Between running an Etsy shop, Reiki training and Yoga teacher training, I have done more “new” things this year than any other year I could recall.

Namaste everyone!