Why a paper planner and not just digital?

I saw so many planners out there, many different brands (and prices) and I never understood them.  I had my cell phone with me most of the time, I had appointments in my calendar and reminders for important dates like birthdays and our wedding anniversary.  I would even type in reminders to myself (like a meeting invite) to recall plans.  My cell was also more portable than the paper planners.  I just did not understand it all!  There were even tons of Etsy sites dedicated to just sell planning stickers and accessories!

Then I bought one…and was hooked!

What changed my mind?

  • My professional work life and personal life blended lines before.  I worked on the same media at home that I did for work.  Cell phone usage and digital everything.  I found that having a paper planner allowed me to use the other half of my brain in many ways.  It felt more creative with usage of colored pens and some stickers.
  • Without realizing it, my planner turned into a diary.  It showed important dates and what we did to celebrate, travel details, exercise accomplishments, etc.  It is fun to look at past months.
  • I was actually able to enjoy planning ahead and brainstorming what I needed to do next.  It was easier to plan out tasks for future weeks and months when I flipped through pages instead of digital scrolling on a cell phone.
  • Writing down a date/time to exercise made me feel more accountable to get it done.  Because if I did skip it, I would need to cross it out and write why.
  • Nothing is better than being able to check off a task and mark it complete.  SUCH JOY!

I will get into details about how I use my planner in later posts.  It has helped me in many ways to stay organized.