Top 10 Healthly Habits to crush Fad Diets

Every time I read someone post that they are going “Paleo”, doing “Whole30” or “Shakeology” I cannot stand it!  Someone was bragging that they did Whole30 before and lost 20 pounds so they are trying it again…removing a laundry list of items from their diet for 30 days.  Just want to scream!  Not a good plan, very very bad way to go.

It is simple…temporary fixes are not healthy and they just yield temporary results.

If you are freaking out because you just participated in a huge food fest like a holiday or vacation, take a breathe.  Go back to focusing on healthy eating habits…getting enough fruits/veggies, whole grains, non-processed foods, limit alcohol, sugar, etc.  Making a lifestyle change for the long-term is the one that will produce lasting results.  Start small and work on one aspect at a time.  It will take more time than the 30 days the fad diets claim, but it is something that is worth the time and effort.  Balanced diets based on fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins is what our bodies need.

Here are my top 10 items that I focused on, one at a time.  After it became natural and easy to me, I did another one.  This creates a chain of healthy habits that add up to huge benefits.  I started this process 2 years ago and continue refining it.  This is not a quick fix.  Right now the one I am working on is to lessen my dairy intake.  I cut back on the cheese I consume and I swapped out my coffee dairy creamer for an almond/coconut milk version.  (Read My Fitness Journey for more info :

  1. Increase water intake and decrease other sugary beverages (sport drinks, soda)
  2. Cook more meals at home and eat out less
  3. Less processed foods (this means less foods that you just heat up from the box in the freezer)
  4. Increase fruit and vegetable intake (includes a variety of colors in meals)
  5. Go organic and non-GMO
  6. Complex whole grains instead of simple processed white flour based foods (this not only includes bread but also pasta)
  7. Lessen fatty meats and go for lean meats like fish, turkey, chicken (or just lessen your intake of meat in general)
  8. Lessen dairy intake
  9. Decrease alcohol consumption
  10. Decrease sugar intake

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