Tips for saving money when buying planner stickers

I enjoy using stickers on my planner because it allows me to be creative (use the other half of my brain) and it is relaxing.  I find that decorating the page (especially for upcoming vacations) makes me get more excited about my time off.  Household chores just feel easier to bear when you have an adorable vaccum sticker smiling at you!  I also use them to set mini-goals for myself.  An example of a recent goal is to see if I could do 50 workouts by the end of the year.  It was a challenge from my boxing gym coach.  So I set aside 50 stickers to denote this goal and I use them each time I am active.  That way I can see if by the end of December I actually have no workout stickers remaining.
Of course stickers can get to be pricey.  So I found some ways to save money.
My tips for saving money on planner stickers are…
1) Follow your favorite etsy shops on instagram since they normally post coupon codes for a percentage off (examples are $2 Tuesdays and around weekends/holidays)
2) Buy or find free printables on etsy/pinterest.  Then you can buy sticker paper and print them out on your home printer as many times as needed.  You can cut them out by hand or get a paper cutter to make it faster.
3) Buy the bundles of stickers from etsy shops that are sold as “grab bags”, “oops bags” or “misfits”; they are all usable stickers and you get a variety pack for a cheaper price.

Here are some of my favorite etsy shops…