Something that I have been trying to focus on lately is to just have my morning cup of coffee and for the remainder of the day, just drink water and tea.  I have found that I have been feeling much better from this effort.  I use tea often for when I am sick or feeling run down and add in some honey.  If I do eat something that upsets my stomach, I use tea with ginger or peppermint.

I would just caution that not all teas are created equal.  You have to watch out for the type of ingredients used and even the way the paper is treated.  Some contain pesticides and fluoride.  Even a single brand can have a mix of ones that are non-GMO vs not (I experienced this with Yogi tea brand).

Want an easy way to spot a tea that is safe to drink?  Only buy those with the Non-GMO Project icon on the box.(http://www.nongmoproject.org/)


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  1. Have you tried Manuka Honey? The health benefits are really good and I love it in my tea! You can also find lozenges at the health food stores or on Amazon! 😀

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