Stainless Steel Water Bottle Benefits

There are so many benefits to making sure you get enough water per day.  I have gotten into the habit of having a bottle of water with me at all times (work, errands, etc).  I have selected stainless steel over plastic (BPA-free) and glass options.  I find that there are a few benefits to the stainless steel version…

  • No toxins to worry about like some plastic versions
  • Can hold both cold and hot liquids (I use one to carry my morning coffee and it stays warm for hours)
  • Lighter to carry around than the glass versions
  • Might dent if you drop it but would not break like glass
  • Overall I am working on eliminating plastic in my life (I use cloth grocery bags, glass tupperware for leftovers)

I know there are multiple brands of stainless steel water bottles, my preference is S’well.  I enjoy that each purchase supports UNICEF to provide clean drinking water to children around the world.  Some of the designs like the wood ones I purchased, also support American Forests’ restoration efforts.  They are also “18/8 stainless steel means, there is 18% chromium and 8% nickel” so they are completely safe and food grade, no need for any inner linings.  Plus there are so many pretty designs!

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