Spring Cleaning Prep

Yes it is that time of year again.  Spring Cleaning!  I never took this type of cleaning seriously before.  I did not have much time to focus on it so I ended up skipping a lot of home maintenance tasks that technically should be done at least once a year.  Example is the air conditioning unit outside which needs to be washed in order for the fan and the unit to run efficiently.  This year is different.  I have time to research on what I can accomplish around our home, both inside and outside.  It does make me feel good to have the house smell fresh and helps my allergies when I eliminate as much dust as possible.  Below I am listing out my research and how I am prepping to attack this effort!

  1. Information and Motivation – In order to not only get inspired but also to get sample lists of what needs to be done, I turned to YouTube and Pinterest.  I found a great channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/cleanmyspace) that had time and money saving tips for cleaning.  There is also something about watching a video of someone cleaning to motivate me to do the same.  By searching on Pinterest, I found sample lists of spring cleaning per room.  It is a great start to get ideas.  Of course the lengthy list of items to get done is intimidating!  I just take them as helpful suggestions instead of viewing it as a mandatory list.  (https://www.pinterest.com/strongplanner/cleaning/)
  2. Create the list – I took ideas from the YouTube channel as well as Pinterest posts and created my own list.  I organized it per room and included outside items as well (deck, porch, garage and A/C unit).  Some items that I added to my list that I had not done before include : Cleaning mattress and pillows with baking soda, polish wood cabinets and clean out air ducts.
  3. Get supplies – I had most of the items that I needed.  Microfiber clothes, paper towels, dusters (including an extension pole), vacuum, steam vacuum and various all-purpose and glass cleaners.  I personally need to wear a dust mask when cleaning.  Otherwise my sinuses are a complete mess, like I have a cold, for at least a couple days afterwards.  New items I added to my cleaning arsenal include toothbrushes that came free from the dentist and also furniture sliders.  The toothbrush can be used to clean window tracks and scrub in tight areas.  The sliders are helpful to move heavy furniture to make sure all areas behind and underneath are cleaned.
  4. Set aside time – I have been marking each week with what I want to accomplish.  This will definitely not get done all within a couple of weeks.  I will focus on one room at a time.  Checking off items from my list as I go.

Hoping this gave you some ideas and sources for your spring cleaning.