Salad Storage Tips

I found that a great way to make sure that we get enough veggies in our diet per week is to prep a large salad each Sunday.

At first I was just making a salad and storing all of ingredients together in a large glass bowl with a cover.  I found that the salad got soggy and would not last the whole week.

I found that keeping the ingredients separate from the lettuce works the best to maintain freshness for the entire week.

Here are the steps I take for my salad prep…

  • Purchase organic veggies which includes loose lettuce instead of the pre-made bags.
  • Thoroughly clean the vegetables with a Fruit & Veggie Spray ; making sure to rinse well.
  • Dry lettuce as much as possible with a Salad Spinner.
  • I use a produce keeper to store the lettuce.  My preference is the OXO brand container with carbon filters that should be replaced every 3 months.
  • The rest of the items like tomatoes and cucumbers I store in glass tupperware.


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