Respect Yourself

I often feel inspired to write a blog post on my random thoughts after a yoga class.  The mind gets a chance to settle and rest and often ideas just pop in my head.

Today I especially noticed the beginning of class when our heads are down and our eyes are closed.  During this time, the teach asks that anyone who wishes not to have any adjustments or light touch today to raise their hand.  They say thank you and that your space will be respected.  The thought of this simple question lingered with me.  It was incredible to me.  I was in a space that we not only say words like “Namaste” which means I respect and honor myself and you but also that your actual physical space is respected as well.

It is refreshing to come to yoga but also makes me realize how vastly different that studio is to the outside world.  It definitely makes me appreciate that hour of bliss.  However, it does highlight all of the disrespect we face during our lives.  In a perfect world, we would honor and respect everyone’s beliefs, choices, physical space, etc.  We would be kind to each other with our words and actions.  We would not confront others in a negative way and we would not assume the worst in others.  This is a dream I know.  A nice dream, but not one rooted in reality.

So then I thought about how we could positively impact this world and improve the life that we are given to lead.  That is when the thought of self respect entered my mind.  Starting with ourselves and showing respect to our person is a great start.  I know I am guilty of pushing myself to get too much done and I would call myself a perfectionist.  Making a conscious effort to let go of high (often out of reach) expectations and giving myself a break more often might be the best thing I can do.  I think actually attending yoga and making time for it during my day is one way I show myself respect.  I invite you to find ways during your day that you can show honor to yourself.  Is there something that you enjoy but skip because you are not willing to make the time for it?  Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?  Do you take time to celebrate the small achievements?

Of course I do my best to respect others.  I am just trying to make the point that we cannot assume that everyone will show us the same courtesy.  Often I think that those that do not show us any consideration are probably those who do not respect themselves at all.  They are probably too hard on themselves and do not take time to care for themselves.  It is a neat way to think about it and spin it around if someone does come up to you and is rude or unkind.  Think about how sad and miserable they must be on the inside.