Plant-Based Tacos

I have been loving this plant-based (which means little to no animal products) recipe for tacos.  It is easier for me to digest than the rice/beans version that I was making previously.  It also adds in more vitamins from a variety of vegetables.  I love how versatile this recipe is because you can add in any veggies you wish and make it either very mild or very spicy.  I have also been using mini portobello mushrooms in many dishes lately as a great meat substitute.  If you have leftover veggies, you can add them to a simple pasta dish as a next day dinner idea.


  • Veggies = Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Onion
  • Want to make it spicy?  Add in some hot peppers and additional spices like cayenne pepper
  • Toppings = Lettuce, Refried Beans, Guacamole (or just chop up an avocado), Tomatoes, Olives, Chives, Limes, Salsa
  • Whole Wheat Taco Shells (Cedar’s) or Blue Corn Chips (Late July brand)


  • Finely chop your choice of veggies.
  • Sauté veggies in a pan with some olive oil.  I do this just to get them not so crunchy.
  • Add in spices and stir well.
  • Serve with tons of toppings.  This is when I try to be fancy and add in chopped chives and lime juice.