Organization Tips – Dollar Store

I have been venturing into the Dollar Store recently and have been impressed with the variety of storage solutions.  I used to purchase baskets and plastic bins from the Container Store and Target that I really could have just gotten for literally a dollar.  Each time I am there, I find very similar items for a fraction of the cost and think “Wow…I had been really wasting money!  Why did I not check out the dollar store sooner?!”  It might have been that I thought the quality would not be as good.  After using the bins for a few months now, they really do hold up and are practical.  The plastic might be a little thinner but I really have not had any issues with anything breaking and they look nice as well.  This past March I redid my fridge with dollar store bins, towels and shelf liners.  If you have not checked it out already, my dollar store fridge organization is still being used today and working out very well =

Beyond inside drawers and in closets, I have found some other ways to use the plastic bins and other items.

  • Narrow plastic rectangle containers (size is 10 inches X 3 inches and about 2.25 inches high) = They come 3 in a pack and I have found more than just drawer organization usages for them.
    • Bathroom medicine cabinets = I got sick of band-aids falling out and medicine bottles tipping over and rolling to the floor.  I used one container per shelf and just put like items together (eye drops, medicine and band-aids which I removed from their boxes).  It not only looks nice, it is super easy to locate items without them jumping out at me when opening the door.
    • Kitchen cabinet where tupperware is stored = I used them to hold the tiny lids to small tupperware that we use for salad dressing and sauces.  The lids no longer get lost in the back of the cabinet.
  • Plastic bins (rectangle or round, variety of sizes and colors) =
    • Shower caddy = I use a bin to contain all of the soaps in the shower.  I went through a couple of those metal shelving units and found that they did end up rusting and also the sides were not high enough to hold the containers upright.  Especially when I turn the shampoo upside down in order to get a little more from the bottle.  Also very handy when cleaning to just grab the basket and wipe under it.
    • Bathroom counter = We have some baskets on the top of the counter to contain our bathroom supplies as well.  Not only does it look neat, but it is again a breeze to lift and move out of the way for cleaning.
    • Electronic charging station = We wanted to set up a charging station for our cell phones and other electronics (Kindle, iPad).  I used Velcro strips to attach the end of the charging wires to the plastic bins.  Now when we go to charge our items, it is easy to connect them and since they are dropped inside of the basket, the look is very clean.
  • Tabbed coupon organizer portfolio (6 pocket file folder) = I have been using one of these to organize my planner stickers.  They could be used for any recipe cards, receipts and other items.  I also think it would be useful when traveling to store receipts and hold any tickets for events during the trip.

Hope you find some gems at your local Dollar Store.  I have even found post-its, memo pads and other office supplies like tape, envelopes, etc.  It is really the only place that I can leave with three bags full and spend only 30 bucks.  Enjoy and happy organizing!