October Favorites

Happy Halloween!  I have a long list this month so let’s get started!

Halloween Candy

  • Black Forest brand Organic Sour Heads Monsters = I wanted to pick a candy to hand out that was as friendly as possible to any allergies.  Which means I wanted something nut and gluten free.  I purchased a couple bags from Vitacost.com and was very happy I did since I almost ate an entire bag by myself!  I do not find them to be very sour.  They have a nice flavor and they do not stick to your teeth.  They also have the type of ingredients that I look for in any product – organic and also no gelatin.  There are other types of gummies by this brand that I do skip like the gummy worms since they contain gelatin (FYI gelatin is made from animal body parts (bones and skin)…aka something icky that I do not want to deal with in my candy).

Essential Oil related items

  • EO brand body wash and hand pump soap = I absolutely love the brand “EO” because they use essential oils in their products.  I mentioned their hand wipes in my travel planning blog.  I just ordered a couple more products of this brand from Vitacost so I will try them out and report back.  They have a nice smell that is not overpowering.
  • ZAQ Bamboo diffuser = The diffuser which I have been using the most (and it is my favorite) is a bamboo one by the brand ZAQ.  I find that a smaller water capacity (100ml or less) makes the oil scent last longer and it allows of a stronger scent with using a minimal 3 drops of any oil.  I like the two separate buttons for the light and mist functions.  It is super quiet so I can run in during the night.  There are no running lights on it to allow for a completely dark room at night.  The bamboo outside matches my decor better than the plastic diffusers.  I have them located in the bedroom and kitchen.
  • Plant Therapy Worry Free and Plant Therapy Love Vanilla = I initially assumed that I would be leaning towards the autumn blends and scents this past month.  However, I grabbed for my relaxing blends the most.  The Worry Free blend (mainly lavender and vanilla) came with us and we diffused it in the car on our road trip.  I also have been enjoying it around the house.  The Love Vanilla blend is my second favorite and it is perfect for someone who enjoys the vanilla scent without lavender.

Yoga related items

  • Namaste Pom Pom Beanie Winter Hat by Spiritual Gangster = I saw this when walking into the yoga studio yesterday and could not help myself.  I love the phrase “Namaste” in yoga since it is so deeply respectful to say to someone since it means that we are all equal.  There are many translations if you look it up online but the one I hear in yoga class is “The light within me honors the light within you”.  I have been wanting something that had this greeting on it.  It was just perfect to find a hat since I am usually dealing with a 40 to 60 degree temperature difference between exiting the yoga studio room and walking outside.
  • Thin Elements Silicone Ring by ensorings = This brand appeared on Shark Tank and also in my Instragram feed.  I have been looking for a wedding band replacement to wear during my yoga practice and also for kickboxing.  This ring fits well and looks beautiful.  The Thin Elements type of bands are infused with precious materials like the silver color actually has real silver in it.  So it looks much nicer than a typical silicone ring because it shines.  They also have thinner bands that you can purchase and stack together.  This would be neat if you wanted to represent favorite colors or match a sports team.  Their company is also fantastic with customer service since I initially ordered too small of a size.  Very fast shipping too.  The color I selected is the Peacock Quartz and it is a perfect shade of teal.
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner (Mind Over Lather) = I purchased this cleaner since I selected a Jade yoga mat which is an open-cell structure.  That means that dirt can get into the mat easier than a closed-cell construction.  It is also made from natural rubber so I needed a cleaner to spray on my mat when I get home but also something with essential oils to start eliminating the odor from the rubber material.  This worked perfectly on my Jade mat (and I also use it on my Yoga Design Lab mat).  It not only has been keeping it very clean, I have noticed the smell almost all gone.  I will need to do a blog post solely on yoga mats since I went through a lot of research before settling on mine.  I have located this brand on both Amazon and Yogaoutlet.com
  • Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat Bag = I really love this bag to carry my yoga mat, towel and other items to class.  It has both outside and inside zipper pockets for smaller items like keys and wallet.  The outside is water-proof.  The strap is adjustable and it actually stays in place after you select your length.  It is comfortable to carry over one shoulder or across the body.  I selected the very bright multi-colored one but there is also a version that is black, white and gray.
  • Balance Collection Yoga Clothing = I did not take a picture of this since black yoga pants do not come out in photos very well.  I have been looking for a brand that makes comfortable and stylish pants that did not break the bank.  I also like when the fabric has a soft cotton feel.  I found this brand at TJ Maxx and ended up ordering another pair from Nordstromrack.com.  The prices are very reasonable and I have been wearing them often and washing them in a cold delicate cycle and hanging to dry and they look great.

Fun subscription box

  • Rocksbox = If you are familiar with Stitch Fix subscription service, I would say this is the same but with jewelry instead of clothing.  I like sampling pieces from brands in a way that I can easily return them.  You fill out a style profile for the metal color and type of jewelry you like as well as fill in a wish list from their inventory.  So far I kept a small silver skull necklace by Sophie Harper and a beautiful blue evil eye necklace by Rudiment.  (You can see photos of them if you view this blog not on a cell phone)  If you use my signup code during your checkout, you can get your first month free ($21 value) CAROLBBFF92.  This is especially nice because if you decide you like any of the pieces sent, you can purchase them and you get the $21 towards your purchase.  So you get a free box AND money towards your jewelry purchase.  This is how I started, I used a code from a friend and I really got hooked.  I do have a budget set aside to make sure my excitement does not turn into over-spending.  I already received 2 boxes and will get a couple more and then just simply place my account on hold to take a break with it.

TV / Movies

  • Stranger Things 2 = Netflix released all 9 episodes recently and we watched them all over three days.  I really wanted to just binge and watch them for 9 hours straight but I cannot stay up that late anymore.  They really did an amazing job and I thought it was much better than season 1.  I do not want to spoil anything for those who have not watched it yet.  If you are into science fiction and monster movies, check it out!
  • Spider-Man : Homecoming = Tom Holland is my favorite actor to play Peter Parker.  We already watched this movie a couple of times and really enjoyed it.  I like that it follows a young high school aged Peter Parker so you get to see the start of how he gets his fancy Spider-Man suit.  I love the balance that he is not afraid of chasing a group of bad guys but he is nervous to ask a girl on a date.


  • “Human” by Sevdaliza = I have been loving Lindsey and Mark on Dancing with the Stars.  If you have not seen their Argentine Tango, look it up on YouTube.  I loved it so much that I downloaded the song.
  • “Never Be Like You” by Flume