My Weekly Planner Layout

My preference for a planner is the Erin Condren Vertical layout.  It is something that I use daily so the quality paper and coil were important to me.
Everyone is unique in the way they use their planners, no two are exactly alike (reminds me of snowflakes).  Before receiving my planner I used Pinterest and YouTube to get examples of how folks were organizing their layouts per week.  So yes, I did plan for how I was going to use my planner (I realize it sounds funny).
There are many ways to use a planner and I am sharing the weekly setup that works for me.  I also have items I track in the monthly view that I will share in a separate blog post.
The vertical layout has three boxes per day
  • Top box = I designated this for exercise and healthy eating since it is my priority. I plan ahead my workouts for the week as if I was setting up an appointment with myself. If I end up skipping a workout, I cross it out and write down the reason.  When I do my weekend prep before grocery shopping, I plan out my meals for the week for lunch and dinner.  These are normally from meals that I made over the weekend and freeze in glass containers.  The list helps to remind me to defrost the container the night before by moving it from the freezer to the fridge.
    • Examples = Boxing, yoga, strength training, rest days for recovery, lunch and dinner plans
  • Middle box = I utilize this section for marking anything associated with a specific time during that day.
    • Examples = Dental appointment, movie time, football game, TV show, restaurant reservation, etc.
  • Bottom box = My TO DO list for items which need to get done on a particular day.  I mainly just put my to do list on the weekend since that is when I have the most time available.  I also use this section for mark important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Examples = Garbage out, laundry, cook a meal, grocery shopping, errands, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.
The page layout also has a section to the very left of the page. I like this column to log ideas for blog posts and a list for home cleaning.  While flipping through the pages, I can easily see this left column to compare with previous weeks.  Then I know to skip certain chores since I did them recently.
Some weeks I end up filling in most of the boxes, others I have more space to use fun stickers!