Makeup (Cruelty-Free)

Each year I set a goal for myself to improve one aspect of my life.  This past year I took a detailed look at the products I was using.  Since I focus so much on my health with exercise and healthy eating, I also wanted to include quality non-toxic products as well.  This includes makeup, bath and body products, cleaning products for the house, etc.  I will be posting my favorites.  I purchased many brands and found that these ended up being my favorites.  I have very sensitive skin and eyes, I am allergic to fragrances, so these were not only great performing products, but also gentle enough for me.  (FYI = I am not being paid or sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.)

The makeup industry has many well-known brands that use harsh chemicals and also test on animals.  I am not only a huge animal lover, but it bothered me that I was putting harmful ingredients on my face (near my eyes and think about all of the lip gloss we just end up consuming).  So not only does cruelty-free makeup products not harm animals, but they are also made with safer ingredients as well (free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS which is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLES, lead/talc and phthalates).  This switch has results in my skin being clearer and also my eyes not be irritated anymore.

Here are my favorites…(all can be purchased from Vitacost, Amazon, Whole Foods or their individual websites which are hyperlinked below- just click on the names)

  • Mineral Fusion = I enjoy their eyeshadows but mainly have been purchasing their blush which comes in a blonzer duo (blush/bronzer together) and also many great individual pinky blush shades.
  • GIA Minerals = I use their highlight on top of the blush and it gives me a glowly finish and a “more awake than I really am” look.
  • Pacifica = I am a big fan of the mascara since it goes on smooth and does not smudge or flake.  I can wear this for 10 hours each day without any eye problems.
  • Red Apple Lipstick = I am obsessed with their eyeshadows!  Great formula so the color is rich and it is not powdery.  Goes on smooth and layers well.  I do enjoy that on their website you can customize a palette (the more you order, the more discounts you get).
  • Eco Lips = Everyday I use a lip balm a countless number of times.  These are great because it is not tinted so my husband will use them as well.  Large variety of flavors like Peppermint, Pomegranate and even an Unflavored one.
  • Brushes (all are not made with animal fur/hair) Real Techniques and Eco Tools = I wash my makeup brushes each week and they hold up very well.

Here are some resources (including photo apps) to help you figure out if your products are cruelty-free or not…


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  1. Since you recommended the Pacifica mascara to my mom and I it is all we use. We love it as well, so glad you let us know!

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