Mentally Strong

Being strong is not just about lifting weights or doing a bunch of squats in a row.  It also encompasses being mentally strong.  Not letting the actions of others have a long-term negative impact on your life.  If someone does something that upsets you, take a moment to feel bad about it.  Emotions are real and should be valued.  Write it out in a journal or tell someone you trust so it is not kept bottled up.  Then realize that it is more a reflection of them as a person than anything to do with you.

I am talking about folks that are not your close family members and friends that you have known for years or maybe your entire life.  There are many outlets now where folks can be social and make many connections but never really get to know each other.  I feel like this can lead to hurt feelings.  Social media with so many “friends” and “likes”/”comments” on posts, one line text messages and quick emails also make it difficult to get a complete understanding of a person’s intent and actions.  With quick social media outlets, we rarely get the full picture.

Bottom line…if someone makes you mad/upset/etc, I guarantee it is more to do with their insecurities and their faults.  Especially since they do not fully know you as a person.  Some things you just need to take a moment to feel bad about and then move on.  Don’t let others stop you from being the best version of yourself.