March Favorites

I do have fun putting these lists together.  I hope you can find something that is interesting and would be useful.  I love watching YouTube hauls from TJ Maxx shopping to get ideas.  Some months seem to have a theme, this one is pretty random.  Out of everything listed below, I think my favorite are the produce bags.  They are just so handy and I love being able to reduce the amount of wasted plastic bags.

Wood cutting board = For chopping produce, I decided to switch from my old plastic cutting boards to a wood one.  The plastic ones were getting stained and the knives were making deep cuts on them.  I washed them in the dishwasher but they never seemed very clean to me.  I did some research and found that a wood cutting board would be best for our kitchen.  I found one at Marshalls for only 20 dollars.  It is working well so far.  I will be keeping my eye out for a larger one at some point.  It seems to be better on my knife set and also I like the look of it on the counter.  We will continue to use the plastic boards for anything like seafood and other meats.

Glass water bottle = I was looking for a glass water bottle that I could use on a daily basis.  I found a brand called Lifefactory.  I wanted something without a straw.  I also wanted the cap to flip open and remain attached to the lid.  My former S’well bottle would unscrew and then the cap would sometimes roll and end up on the floor.  I also liked that this bottle has a top handle for easy carrying.  Also, unlike the S’well bottle, I can put it in the dishwasher.  I am providing the link to Amazon since it was about 5 dollars cheaper than their official site.  I have also been enjoying drinking sparkling water with a lime.  It is my soda substitution since sometimes I just want a little carbonation.

Reusable produce bags = Each time I am at the grocery store, I take reusable bags instead of getting paper or plastic.  But of course when I was in the produce section, I found myself using tons of those green plastic bags to collect pears, lettuce, onions, etc.  I just saw it as such a waste since those ended up in the trash when I was done with them.  I have been shopping on Thrive Market and found some ChicoBag rePete Mesh Produce Bags.  I think they are a very nice quality and the drawstring closure works well.  So far I have used them at two different grocery stores and have not had any issue when checking out.

Wedge Pillow = I got rid of our extra (and very old) bed pillows.  Leaving us with just two remaining.  Of course then one night my husband wanted to read a book in bed and I literally had no extra pillows.  I had cleaned out too well!  We decided on a Brookstone Wedge Pillow which had a nice tall backrest.  We purchased ours from Amazon but I also found it at Bed Bath and Beyond (can use their 20% off coupon).


My research on wood cutting boards…

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