June Favorites

Hope you have been enjoying the start of summer!  I have put together a laundry list of favorites this month.  I did have my orchid drop its last flower.  I researched how to keep it alive so it would bloom again.  Unfortunately, it would have cost more to re-pot the plant than to just purchase a new one.  They also only bloom once a year so I did not feel like it was worth having around.  It did sadden me to let it go since I really enjoyed it.  I purchased a couple of house plants (including an aloe) and have been liking to have them around since they also clean the air.

Snacks = Normally our snacks are fruits/veggies but those are not fun to blog about.  I do not encourage eating tons of sugar and salt.  We do eat it once in awhile, everything in moderation.

  • Late July Ranch Chips = My husband used to love Doritos Cool Ranch chips.  I have not purchased them in years since I am so hyper-focused on healthier versions and organic items.  I was SO excited to finally find a better version for him.  They have so much flavor and not greasy at all.  Organic, multi-grain,  nut free, gluten free.  The sodium is 200mg which is not horrible for a small snack.  I purchased mine from Vitacost.
  • YumEarth Sour Twists (watermelon lemonade flavor) = My favorite from the past is Sour Patch Kids, I used to get those all of the time.  I found these new at Whole Foods (not on Vitacost yet) and they are amazing!  I love them so much, just sour enough and gummy but not sticky on your teeth.  They are also organic, nut free, gluten free and vegan.

Other food items =

Products =

  • EO Hand wipes = I wanted to get a substitute for my Wet Ones wipes to make sure I was getting a version that used essential oils and was better for my skin.  I was going to make my own hand sanitizer with a spray or gel version but I like having a packaged wipe instead.  I like to use them after pumping gas and also before we eat at a restaurant.  These have been working out great and it is definitely a brand that I have been loving for body wash, hand soap, etc (https://www.eoproducts.com/).  I like that it is cruelty-free and also triclosan free.
  • SpaceSaver bags = I might be late to the game with these since they have been around for awhile.  I finally purchased a set of these bags and they have been super helpful.  It started because I had 6 very large pillows from our couches to store.  I wanted to swap them out to change the living room but wanted to keep the pillows in case we donate the couches later.  These bags not only shrunk down the pillows to a very thin size to easily store, but also they will keep them dust free and clean.  I did open up a bag a couple weeks after sucking the air out with the vacuum cleaner and the pillows were perfect, no wrinkles and went back to their original size.  I used them for our winter blankets and they are working out great.
  • ToeSox = I purchased these for kickboxing since you workout bare foot and I wanted to make sure I did not slip.  I was never a fan of the socks with the individual toes but these seem different to me.  They are actually very comfortable, does not slip off and are not too warm to wear.  I actually think these would work well for yoga and Pilates as well.
  • Mandala Coloring Book = I have really been loving this type of coloring book as an alternative to my animals, butterflies, flowers and scenery ones.  They are all circular looking mandalas, one per page.  They are fun to do since you can use a huge range of colors.  I feel like when I do any nature scenes, I use up my green and brown pencils and gel pens for trees and leaves.

Movies = 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales = This might sound crazy but so far this is my favorite of the pirates series of movies.  That is saying a lot since I really enjoyed the past movies very much.  I saw this twice in the theater and will definitely purchase it.  I think it gave some great background on Johnny Depp’s character and also fantastic special effects.

Books = 

  • My main books lately have been for continuing my research with essential oils.  I borrowed a few from the library and have been loving to learn about different usages and will blog about ones that I have proven out.  One that I have been enjoying is by Susan Curtis (“Essential Oils: All-natural remedies and recipes for your mind, body and home”) since it has background per type of oil and also recipes.