July Favorites

This summer is flying by!  I hope everyone is getting some relaxing time to enjoy the weather.  I am looking forward to August…Football is coming!  We already have tickets to see two Pittsburgh Steelers games.  I was never a football fan or follower of sports growing up.  However, since learning more about the game, background on the team and witnessing a couple of games in person, I cannot help but become a fan.  Plus it is a fun thing to do as a couple.  Go Steelers!

Books / TV

  • Game of Thrones book series by George R.R. Martin = No joke, these are HUGE books with tiny print.  I normally do not attempt books like this since not only is each book lengthy, but there is an entire series of them.  I usually like to quickly read a book and move to the next author.  However, we have been really enjoying the HBO series so decided to give the books a chance.  We just started reading these so it will take awhile to get through but I think it will be worth the time.
  • Ghost Wanted by Carolyn Hart = Not a scary ghost story at all!  This is a funny and interesting mystery.  Very easy read and enjoyable story.  It follows the adventure of Bailey Ruth who is an investigator from heaven sent to Earth to solve a crime.  It is awesome how the author manages what she can and cannot do on Earth since she technically is a ghost.  I am happy that the author has many books in this series and I will give another one a try.
  • Netflix “Stranger Things” = The last week of July was pretty rough, I got either a bad sinus cold or my allergies just went crazy.  I had some downtime so I found a series on Netflix that I have heard other folks mention.  I am intrigued by any story with a mystery to solve and I love that it was set in the 1980’s.  I watched the entire season 1 and cannot wait until end of October for season 2 to begin.

Music (list that I have on repeat this month)

  • Heavy by Linkin Park = May their lead singer Chester Bennington rest in peace.
  • Now or Never by Halsey
  • Middle by DJ Snake
  • Heavydirtysoul by Twenty One Pilots
  • Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa (mainly because they have Steelers fans in the video)


  • Nature Addicts fruit snacks = I like to throw snacks in my purse before leaving the house.  Errands tend to take longer than I planned and I often need something healthy to eat before heading home.  I found these fruit snacks on Vitacost.com and was pleased that they do not have any junk ingredients (no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food colorings or artificial flavors) and they taste fantastic!  I purchased both flavors “Apple Mango Passion Fruit” and also “Apple Raspberry” and enjoy both.

Other fun items

  • ZAQ Tour diffuser = This is actually a great option for someone who wants a simple essential oil diffuser that you can use in the house and the car (the unit comes with both a power adapter for inside the house and one for the cigarette lighter for the car).  It looks like a coffee travel mug and comes in multiple colors.  Best part is that I can run it in the car and it does not tip over since the plug is in the middle of the unit so the bottom sits evenly in the cup holder.  The lid also screws on so it is very secure.  I have been enjoying having a calming scent when I am in the car for an extended period of time.  I have been using Plant Therapy’s new blend Endless Summer and my absolute favorite Doterra’s Citrus Bliss.
  • Ella and Mila nail polish = Might sound funny, but since we workout barefoot in kickboxing, I had to find a nice nail polish!  Of course I cannot pick any friendly colors like light pink when I am kicking the cr@p out of the bag.  So I went with a neutral gray shade called “On the Runway”, I also just ordered a black color called “Lights Out”.  I look for 3 things when I select a nail polish 1) Long lasting = I am not taking the time and have it chip the next day.  This brand lasts for over a week. 2) Great color selection = There is a wide variety available.  3) No nasty chemicals! = This brand is free of 7 harmful chemicals that are found in most nail polish brands that you would find in the drug store or nail salon.  https://www.ellamila.com/pages/7-free-nail-polish  You might not think it would matter, but honestly anything you put on your body (lotion, soap, makeup) does make a difference.  This brand is also cruelty-free which I LOVE and made in the USA.