Initiating a Change

(This is to add to my previous post on “Dealing with Change” (, again this is my own opinion and I wrote this blog to spark your own thoughts about the topic)

“Seasons change and so do we”

During my yoga class today, the teacher mentioned how the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall are circular.  They continue on each year in that pattern.  As we are freshly entering the season of autumn, we should reflect on repeated patterns we have in our lives.  Could we make any improvements to things that repeat over and over again?  If we actually identify areas of improvement, could we actually take the initiative to break our routines/cycles?

Sounds easier than it is.  Breaking unhealthy cycles can be very intimidating to step out of your normal routine and comfort zone.  It is brave to take a step back and reflect on your life and make a change for the better.  This could be anything that you feel needs improvement = Health (Food, Exercise), Relationships, Sleep Quality or Adding more “Me Time” to your week.  You might have to get very uncomfortable before it becomes better.  I am definitely a creature of habit and I tend to avoid uncomfortable situations as much as possible.  However, I have learned that this is no way to grow as a person.  I might get nervous before trying something new, but I am always proud that I tried.

Take a moment to reflect and see if you notice anything during your day that could be improved.  It might take a little imagination but could be worth it.  I am listing some examples and things that I have found helpful to remember while making any change.

Examples of items that might need to be addressed…

  • Are you in the routine of eating too late at night?  Could you try to bring a larger healthy lunch and additional snack with you to eat during the day?
  • Are you making time for exercise during your week?  Could you make small steps like parking your car further in the lot or using the stairs instead of the elevator?
  • Do you stay up too late on the weekends which leads to a horrible Monday morning?  Could you have an alarm set Sunday morning (not crazy early) to give yourself a better chance at going to sleep earlier Sunday evening?
  • Are you holding onto any frustrations with loved ones?  Do you argue about the same topics?  Can you utilize direct and honest communication to improve the relationship?
  • Are you making enough time for yourself?  Are you participating in activities which bring you joy?

Things I found helpful to know…

  • Your schedule might need to shift.  Your house might not be as clean as before or tasks might get done slower.  You cannot add something new and expect nothing to be impacted.
  • Setting reasonable expectations for yourself during any change is key.  Realize change is difficult and takes time.
  • Be kind to yourself and do not expect perfection.  Worse case, you try something new and it does not work out.  Be proud that you gave it a chance.
  • You might have to ask for assistance and understanding from your family or friends while you transition to a new routine/cycle.  Depending on what you want to change, you might need to get expert advice or help.  Some changes you can make on your own and some you need to ask for help to achieve.  I find that folks who are successful know the difference and do not try to do everything independently.
  • Big changes take time to develop into a normal routine.  You might have to put forth tons of effort in the beginning before it feels natural to you.