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We recently replaced our refrigerator with a newer model.  Great news is that there is plenty of space.  Which of course means that I wanted to organize it.  No longer were we having to put away food like a jigsaw puzzle.  I could designate bins and areas for the various types of produce and dairy.  I headed to the dollar store and was surprised by the quality bins that I found.  Various colors and styles made it easy to find exactly what I wanted.  I also picked up a few more items like clothes for lining the produce drawers and vinyl liners for the shelves.  My fridge looks like I hired a professional organizer!  Best part is that I only spent 8 dollars.

This is what I ended up using…

  • Bins = I liked the clear bins the best and I found ones that were rectangle and lower on the front than the back.  This kept items like yogurt and coffee creamers together nicely.  I am using one to hold bags of sauerkraut, the bin keeps the bags upright.  Otherwise they would be knocked over and might even spill.  I put one in the produce drawer to hold the containers of berries which tend to leak juice.  I am finding that the glass shelves and drawers are kept cleaner than they would have been without the bins.  I took out a container of yogurt yesterday and saw a ring left inside of the plastic bin.  I would rather it be there than on my new glass shelf!  The bins are super easy to clean and also simple to grab and take multiple items out at one time.
  • Microfiber towels = I found a pretty blue color and used these to line the produce drawers.  They keep the drawers cleaner and can be removed and washed easily with my other towels.  This is especially helpful since my new fridge has drawers that are a pain to remove for cleaning.
  • Vinyl liners = I found rolls of vinyl liners which were a very nice quality.  I remember purchasing this type for lining the inside of my kitchen cabinet drawers from another store and I paid way more than one dollar per roll.  I used these to line the inside of the shelves hanging on the fridge doors.  The door shelves were much wider than our previous fridge and each time I shut the doors, the glass containers would clink together.  After lining the shelves, the salsas, tomato sauces and other items stay in place.

Of course I have been finding other drawers and cabinets around the house to use the dollar store bins.  I have found such great uses for them and love that I am not breaking the bank while organizing.

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    1. Thanks! Bosch brand and it has been a dream, plenty of space and counter-depth so not too large. Two drawers for the freezer so it is very organized. Just love it.

    1. Thanks so much for reading the blog! I am posting pictures via my instagram account “strongplannerblog”. Hope that works for you.

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