Essential Oils – Why I started

I have known essential oils existed for years now and along with it, I had some false preconceptions.  I never took the time to learn about them.  I mainly thought they were a way to make your home smell pleasant or something massage therapists diffused to relax you.  I knew they had other benefits but really never dove into the details to see if they were backed by any science.  They also seemed like a very pricey hobby.  I wanted to get real benefits and stick to my budget.

Did all of my assumptions stop me from investigating further?  Of course not!  I was still intrigued and curious.

I love anything organic and plant-based.  I started reading information online and watching some YouTube videos from doctors and persons who have used essential oils for years.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to dive in!  It is fascinating to learn about how each bottle is actually made.  For example, to make a 15mL bottle of lavendar oil, it takes 3 pounds of flowers.  It is so highly concentrated that you only need a couple drops and stored properly they will last years.  The more I started reading, I found out there is actual medical science proof of their benefits.  I also enjoy making things from scratch since then I have control over all of the ingredients.  Below I am listing out topics that I want to research and see how to resolve each using essential oils.  Whether it be with diffusing, mixed in amber glass bottles (or metal), added to carrier oils like coconut or mixed with something like shea butter.  I have currently decided not to ingest any oils.  I will be blogging about these and other topics as I come across solutions that I trust and actually work.

  • Sleeping / Ease Anxiety = I wanted to learn how to use lavender and other oils in order to calm myself down and have a restful deep sleep.
  • Cleaning products = I swapped out over a year ago to cruelty-free cleaning products (Method, Seventh Generation, Ecover).  However, I was still having a reaction to them while cleaning.  The smell of the products would cause me sinus issues and sometimes headaches.
  • Air quality = Not only did I want rooms to smell lovely, but also wanted to find ways to kill airborne germs and clean the air.  This is especially needed for areas like our bathrooms since they do not have windows that I can open to air out the room.
  • Headaches / Minor muscle aches = On occasion I have sinus headaches, mainly from allergies from being around dust and basically anything growing outside.  Also after working out or lifting boxes when de-cluttering the house, I need some relief (besides a heating pad) for minor pain.
  • Beauty products = Same with the cleaning products, I swapped to cruelty-free and even vegan but still the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle was very long.  I wanted to see if I could make some of my own.  I saw some DIY body scrubs and even whipped body shea butter (this just sounded super fun to make).  I could make jars of different scents and they would make wonderful gifts as well.
  • Summer sprays = Warm weather to me means mosquitoes.  Even if I do my best to avoid them, I even up with a few bites each year.  I wanted to see which oils I could use to make my own bug sprays and after bite roll-ons.  Also for any very hot days, I wanted to see if there was a way to make a cooling spray.

I started my essential oil journey a couple of months ago and as I prove out ways that work for me, I will share them here.  This does not mean there is not a better alternative that you should research and try.  There are MANY recipes online to resolve each topic above, just like there are multiple recipes for cooking meals like lasagna and chili (I am saving some on my pinterest board )

Also a hot topic seems to be which brand to use.  I will be trying out multiple brands and reading about their certifications to see which ones I trust.  I feel like brand loyalty is going to be a personal preference.  I will be using the brands that I am comfortable with and I encourage you to do the same.

If you are already into essential oils, comment below or email me ( any online references or books that you have found to be helpful.