Essential Oils – Top 10 Single Oils for Diffusing

Starting with essential oils can be overwhelming (and expensive if you are not careful).  So I wanted to list out my top favorites to give you an idea of which ones to start with if you choose to give essential oils a try.  For other tips on how to get started, check out my previous blog post =

I have been using essential oils for months now and wanted to give you a peek into my top 10 single oils.  In order to narrow down my favorites, I am selecting ones that I tend to grab when looking to diffuse a scent in a room.  I have diffusers throughout the house – dining room/kitchen area, bathroom, basement and bedroom.  I also have one for the car that I use on longer trips.

I favor citrus scents since they smell clean and fresh.  They remind me of a nice summer day and uplift my mood.  I either diffuse the citrus scents alone or combine with an oil like cedarwood and cinnamon to balance the scent.

Side note = I often add in images to my blogs and if you wanted to see the bottles, then click on this blog on a device like an iPad/Kindle or laptop.  Cell phones to save space will normally not show the images.  I also post them on instagram @strongplannerblog

Favorite combinations

  • All time fav = Cinnamon with blood orange!  Just the thought of this makes me smile.  I diffuse 2 drops of cinnamon with about 4 drops of blood orange.  Cinnamon is a very strong scent so a little goes a long way.
  • Morning to wake up = I like mixing Coffee with Grapefruit.
  • Evening to wind down = Lavender by itself or mixed with Cedarwood.
  • Bathroom or areas like basement that have a lack of windows to refresh space =
    • Lemon and lime = Makes the room smell like a 7up or sprite soda!
    • Spearmint and any citrus scent = Makes it smell clean and disinfected.
  • Sinus issues = Peppermint and Lavender mixed are great to sooth a sinus headache.

Brands = The brands I enjoy are Simply Earth and Plant Therapy.  I tend to purchase more from Plant Therapy because I think their oils have a more potent scent when diffusing.  However, I think both brands have excellent customer service and great singles and blends to try.  I order directly from their websites since I do not have a store near me that carries their brands.  The ones that I also use in my DIY cleaning solutions I get the mega large 100ml size since I use them daily and it is more cost effective to get the larger size.

Citrus Scents

  • Blood Orange = This is my all time favorite.  I like this much better than Sweet Orange which is too candy sweet smelling.
  • Grapefruit = This is a unique blend of sweet and tangy.
  • Lemon = I have enjoyed this for diffusing and also for cleaning.  This fills the area with a fresh scent that wakes you up.
  • Lime = This is a lot like lemon but it gives a different twist when mixing it with a minty scent.

Earthly / Spicy Scents

  • Cinnamon Leaf = I really enjoy the scent of spicy cinnamon.  It is great alone or mixed with citrus.  It is a very potent oil so I would limit the number of drops used to 2 or 3 for diffusing.  I also use this in my cleaning solutions as a natural disinfectant (that is why I use “Leaf” instead of Cinnamon “Bark”).
  • Cedarwood Atlas = I am not normally a fan of earthly types of oils.  Examples like Cypress, Balsam Fir and Copaiba alone are not something I enjoy.  Basically if it reminds me of being out in a wooded area, I skip it.  Maybe that is why I hate camping?  However the Cedarwood is not a very strong scent and it blends well with others.  I selected “Atlas” instead of other Cedarwood types like Texas, Himalayan and Virginian because we add it to our shampoo for thicker hair.  (For every 2 oz of fragrance free shampoo, add in 5 drops each of Cedarwood Atlas, Cypress, Lavender and Rosemary)
  • Coffee = This one came in my last Simply Earth subscription box.  I am so excited that I got a sample of it since it is becoming a fast favorite of mine.  I love it in the morning hours either alone or mixed with grapefruit.  I am trying to not use it too frequently since it is a bit more expensive than the other oils.


  • Peppermint = This is still a very strong scent to my nose.  I only use this for clearing out my sinuses.
  • Spearmint = This is a fantastic alternative to peppermint since it is not as strong.  Very fresh scent.


  • Lavender = I use this in the evening to wind down.  I do not have many floral scents that I enjoy since they remind me of perfumes.  However, lavender is just very calming to me.

If you decide to try out essential oils, I hope you find ones that are beneficial in your life.