Essential Oils – How I started

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A couple of months ago, I wanted to get into the world of essential oils.  There are so many benefits and usages that I have read about and heard others discuss.  Yet where would I start?  What brand is best?  Are they safe?  How do I use them to get the most benefits?  My main goal was to not break the bank getting into these oils.  Each oil bottle can run $10 to $50 (and up) depending on the type.  I have seen diffusers range from $25 to $100.  Which means I wanted to be cautious and make good decisions.  I started off doing research and found some fantastic sources (listed below).  I read up on which oil brands were best, how to use them and accessories like diffusers.  With anything, there is no need to start from scratch.  There is a ton of info online.  The trick is weeding through everything to find some experts that have years of experience and whom you find trustworthy.  I found sources that I trust but of course this is not a complete list and may not be ones that you feel comfortable with, I am finding that essential oils is really an individual personal journey.

Where am I in this essential oil journey?  I did end up purchasing a little bit more than I needed to.  Nothing crazy but I easily got way over excited and enthusiastic.  I think I do have the basics figured out now.  I wanted this blog to be a lessons learned on how to get started.  Basically if I could go back and do it over again, what I would buy and why.  Essential oils will be a new topic on my blog.  I will be posting details about other diffusers I purchased, what to look for when buying oils to make sure they are safe and high quality, favorite usages and blends, etc.  I am beyond happy that I started with essential oils.  I hope you are able to find some brands/research that you feel comfortable with if you are interested in getting started as well.

My tips for getting started…

  1. Start simple and buy a kit = I found the subscription box from Simply Earth only recently.  I had wished I knew about it before I started buying individual oils.  The reason is with the subscription box, you do get a code for a free diffuser.  Then you can get your first box with contains 4 different oils and some recipes to use them.  Even if you cancel after that one box, you can get 4 great oils and a free diffuser for only $40.  (The diffuser is worth $50 and it is my top pick for favorite diffuser at this time.)  I know there are folks that start off with Young Living kits, I just have no experience with that one.  It honestly seemed too expensive for my taste.  The buying a kit concept is a way to slowly build up your collection and focus on certain oils at a time to learn the most about them.  It is super easy to get swept up and buy a ton of oils and get overwhelmed.
  2. Diffuse = Easy and safe way to use oils is to use a diffuser which you add in tap water and some drops of the oil.  The unit does not get hot and it dispenses the scent into the air.  After the water is done, the unit will shut off.  My top two diffusers would be the one I got with my Simply Earth subscription box and also ZAQ Bamboo.
  3. Start learning about other safe usages = Seek out someone that you know who has been using essential oils or folks online that post reviews and their experiences.  Basically find a source that you can start learning about oils and how you want to use them.  I am listing mine below but this is not a complete list and might not be ones that you connect with.  I personally do not consume them or apply directly undiluted to my skin.  If you do have allergies, children or pets in the home, there are specific oils to avoid.  There is some caution to keep in mind.  So taking the time to do some research does help.  Currently I use the oils for diffusing and in the cleaning solutions that I mix myself.
  4. Try multiple brands = Be aware that there are many trusted brands out there, not all of your oils need to be from the same company.  I am finding out that I like a full range of oils from multiple brands.  My favorites right now include Simply Earth, Plant Therapy (they have a kid safe line).  I am an Amazon online shopper and that is where I purchased these oils.  In the future, I want to try Florihana since I have heard fantastic reviews about the quality of their oils.  They are just not on Amazon and instead on the website .  My advice is just to try ones from many brands, just making sure they are 100% pure  and certified pure therapeutic grade.  Review online and see what certifications they list.
  5. Build up your inventory slowly = By selecting a single type of usage at a time, you can then find which oils support it.  Example is aiding in relaxation and getting better sleep at night.  Then you would select some sleep blends or make your own with lavender, etc.  It is easy to get swept up and buy a ton of bottles and then end up being overwhelmed.  If your focus is a single remedy at a time, then it is easier to just buy what you need.

YouTube sources I have found to be helpful (linking their websites below and names to search via YouTube)