Countertop Organizing- Vases, Flower Pots, Coffee Cups and Mason Jars

I like to keep my counters as free and clean as possible.  It makes cleaning easier since you are not moving a ton of stuff before spraying and wiping down a surface.  However, there are some essentials like coffee makers and toasters in kitchens that are used daily that do not make much sense to put away in a cabinet.  I also find some smaller items like pens, post-it notes, hand lotion and lip balm that I like to have conveniently located on my counter/desk.  I use these items multiple times per day and having them in a drawer that I am constantly opening and closing was not ideal.  Of course it has to look pretty if it goes on the counter!  So here are a few examples of ways to have things at hand but also look interesting and organized.  I have these types of containers in the kitchen, bathroom, office and craft area.

Container Types

  • Vases = I like to use the low square clear vases that I see often at garage sales.  You can also get them at craft stores as well.  They look modern and you can still see the items easily.  I have one set up in the kitchen and as an added bonus, the post-it with my notes of items to pick-up can easily adhere to the outside of the vase.
  • Flower Pots = I have loved and said goodbye to many small plants in my life, especially orchids.  Then I am left with small pots without a new purpose.  I find that using this to store my knitting and crochet hooks looks whimsical and was appropriate for a craft area.
  • Coffee Cups = I have an old mug with a turtle on it that I just adore, it makes me smile.  Unfortunately, the paint is chipping off so bad that I would not want to use it for coffee anymore.  So I am using it to store my makeup brushes.
  • Mason Jars = These look so cute on the counter but also I use them to actually store items in the fridge since they have a nice screw top lid.

Filling for Containers

  • I have found that small rocks or the glass beads/stones that you use for the bottom of flower vases work nicely.  Not only can it be a color that matches your decor, but also it helps to keep items like pens and makeup brushes upright.  Without something at the bottom, the items tend to just fall to one side in the container.

Hope this sparks some creative ways to organize your items in your life!