Bold Move to Reduce Stress

I just accomplished the boldest action to reduce my stress.  I do my best to live the healthiest life possible.  I have been so focused on my healthy eating and fitness, but what I could not control was the level of stress and lack of sleep from my job.

On a typical day I would get up at 5am, work all day, get home and clean up, pack breakfast/lunch for the next day, head to the gym at 7pm and then come back all wired with energy.  I would stay up and eat dinner late around 9pm and clean up the house a bit.  My normal bedtime would be 11pm and then wake up and do it all over again.  My weekends were so busy with errands, cleaning and food prep that I could not see my family often.  I was spending time with my husband but not relaxing quality time.  In the midst of stressful long days, I lost who I was.  My personality was changing and my relationships were being impacted as well.  I did what I had to in order to make a great life for us.  However, we reached a point where as long as we maintained a budget and skip fancy vacations, we could have a better life balance.  We could actually have free evenings and weekends together and see family/friends.  So I left the workforce after 12 years in search of a new life.

Am I nervous or scared to start a new life?  Absolutely not.  I was more scared to stay in the routine that I was in.  I think that was the main driving force in making such a bold decision.  I was not nervous to leave.

There is beauty in the undiscovered, the journey that lies ahead.  The adventure of it all!  The bravest thing I ever did was not to try something new, but to have the courage to leave behind the comfort and security of the past.  Even if I was unhappy, I knew it was my routine, my safety.  Now I live not basing my accomplishments on performance reviews and promotions but on how happy I am….definitely a new concept for me!

I am blessed to have this opportunity to find my passion, try new hobbies and volunteer again.  A former co-worker told me the perfect quote “What you can do, or dream, you can begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  It feels like a very magical time for me.  I already have been sleeping better, boxing more and trying out new recipes.  I have the house more in order and I find calm in having things organized.  I am excited for the days ahead!

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