Being Present

There was a moment during yoga class today that really impacted me emotionally.  It was about being present in that moment.  The teacher read a quote from Baron Baptiste

“All life happens in the present moment. All we really have is the moment that is right here, right now, in front of us. Any moment that happened in the past is a memory, and any moment that will happen in the future is a fantasy. Memories and fantasies can be very nice, but they lead us nowhere except into the past, which no longer exists, or the future which doesn’t exist yet. The past and the future are not places. They are, essentially, nowhere. So you see, you are either now here or nowhere.”

It struck me that most of my days I was not living in the moment.  In college the focus was on the next assignment or class.  At work it was what are we deploying over the next available weekends and when is the next meeting.  Even now I am trying to get so much done in a day.  I am trying to prove how hardworking I am, but really who is judging me?  Who am I trying to impress?  I know I am a dedicated and hardworking individual.  If I did not steam vac the kitchen floor today, would it really matter?  Maybe my last hour before my husband comes home would be better spent watching Dancing with the Stars!  I worship my to do lists.  I love filling up my planner and checking off everything, leaving nothing undone.  I like to see how many items I can multi-task.  I am physically doing one thing and thinking about the next.  My body and brain are not in sync.  I am not living in the present.  I need to find a balance.  I need to find quiet moments in my day to just do something that I enjoy.  When my husband gets home, I need to get off of my iPad and really be present in listening about his day.  I think we are all a little guilty of being distracted by our electronic devices.  Yes I am listening to you but also at the same time ordering that coffee maker from Amazon.  See I can do it all!  Superwoman has nothing on me! Is this really a healthy way to live?

Relaxing and being really focused in the moment and enjoying it is something I am working towards.  I know it is not possible every second of the day.  But finding some quiet alone time is part of good self-care.  Also being present with your family and friends is important because life is so short.

My challenge for myself (and you if you wish to join me) is to have more moments during the day that are being focused in the present.  Not worrying about what to do next.  Letting go of any negative thoughts about the past week.  It does not need to be a long duration of time.  It could just be a couple of minutes.  Last night I noticed the moon.  I stared at its shape, a thin crescent.  It was beautiful.  I know that was a moment I enjoyed.

How would this change the rest of your day or week?  Would you feel less stressed?  Happier?  I am going to find out.