Bathrooms – 5 Tips Beyond Basic Cleaning

Besides the normal wiping down of surfaces to keep a bathroom clean and tidy, there are also a few items that I do to maintain that room’s function.  I did all of these today so I thought a quick blog about it would be fun.  I do this list about once a week.

  1. Take inventory of products = I really hate running out of shampoo only to discover that it was my last bottle.  There are some items that I can only buy online, so with shipping time, it is not immediate to restock.  I check for beauty and personal products like face soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.  I also check items in the medicine cabinet like band-aids, eye drops and pain relievers.  Especially important is making sure to look at their expiration dates.  During the warmer months I pay closer attention to sunscreen and in colder months to cold/flu medicine.
  2. Restock and Refill = I fill up hand soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, tissues and Q-tips containers.  Basically making sure that the bathroom is stocked with all items needed.
  3. Charge it up! = I plug in any items that have rechargeable batteries like electric toothbrushes, razors and face brushes like my Sonicare.  This way they are fully charged and ready to use for the upcoming week.
  4. Clean brushes = I like to keep hair brushes/combs and also makeup brushes clean.
  5. Change out towels = I have a second set of towels for the bathroom.  This allows me to quickly swap out all of the body, face and hand towels we use and wash the rest later.