August Favorites

Fall is coming quick!  The weather is getting a little cooler and the tree behind the house is bombing acorns very loudly on our roof!

I do not have too many favorites but my description of them turned out to be very lengthy.  I guess you can tell that I think a lot about an item before purchasing it.

My Favorites

  • Maui Jim Breezeway Sunglasses = I have not purchased a new pair of sunglasses in 5 years so it was about time for some new ones.  I have tried many brands and found that Maui Jim sunglasses have the best lenses.  They are not only light-weight but also very durable (they do not scratch) and great sun protection without being too dark to see out of.  The colors actually appear more true and they are fantastic for driving as well as walking around.  I could go on forever about them.  My previous pair was the Maui Jim Palms which is a wrap around style and I have the bronze lenses.  These are great for everyday usage but they do feel a little heavy on the face for long-term wear.  I wanted an aviator-type style and ended up with the Breezeway style with the blue lenses.  The blue lenses are more for low light situations, not intense very bright sun.  Meaning I would not wear them on the beach or in a park but they are perfect for driving and everyday walking outside.  The frames are SUPER light and strong (made from titanium).  Yes they are pricey but I only have 3 pairs of sunglasses in my collection so I go for quality over quantity.  I did try the RayBan frames since those are the classic aviator style sunglasses and I found them to be very heavy on the face.  I tried the ones with the metal frame and polarized glass lenses.
  • Fitbit Alta HR = I have been wanting a fitness monitor to wear that performed the following functions: 1) Sleep tracking, 2) Heart rate monitor, 3) Recognize workout time and track it automatically, 4) Easy to use app, 5) Small and light-weight since would not want something too bulky to wear all the time, 6) Normal step tracking, 7) Long battery life, 8) Alerts from cell phone of calls and text msgs.  This unit checked all of my wants and then some.  It is very comfortable to wear and it does a great job at tracking my movements and sleep patterns.  I charge it every other day for maybe 30 minutes and have not gotten any low battery alerts.  The screen is basic black and white and you cannot reply back to text msgs with it.  I also did not need anything that connected with music play since I have a separate iPod for that.  There are larger versions that have more features but I did not need additional features and would get sick of wearing a large watch on my wrist, especially since I wear it for sleep tracking.  I also like that the band is a regular watch buckle type band and it is very secure.
  • Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Chill Water Bottle = I really needed a different water bottle for my kickboxing workouts.  I love my S’well bottle but to unscrew the cap, I needed to remove both gloves in between rounds and the cap was completely unattached to the bottle (which means it can be easily dropped on the ground).  This Contigo bottle has some awesome features which makes it easy to function with just one hand available (meaning only one boxing glove needs to be removed).  There is a button which pops up the spout to drink out of (the straw also twists on to attach so it does not fall off).  When the spout is pushed down, there is a plastic cover that locks it in place.  Meaning the part that your mouth goes on is covered when the bottle is not in use (which is fantastic for germ avoiders like me).  It also has a handle on it which you can hold to carry and you can attach it to your bag as well.  It is stainless steel and does keep the water nice and cold.
  • Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug = This is one of the best coffee travel mugs that we have ever owned.  It seals tightly (reminds me of how a light bulb twists inside of a socket) and the part that you drink from can be covered by turning the lid around.  In order for the liquid to come out, you have to push and hold the button to dispense.  It is a nice feature since if it accidentally tipped over, nothing would leak out.  The outside also has a rubber grip so it is easy to hold.  Of course the most important part of all, it keeps the coffee nice and hot.
  • Essential Oil case by Abrazo Designs = This is a very well made case, the double zippers makes it easy to open/close and also the interior is nicely lined with a velvet material.  I purchased the 42 bottle case.  The outside is also a durable thick fabric with a handle for carrying it around.  This is the first case I purchased that looks like it will last years.


  • Watermelon Water (WTRMLN WTR) = It is cold-pressed watermelon juice.  I cannot keep this stocked in our fridge, they go very quickly.  It is SO hydrating!  Perfect for the morning and after a workout.  They also taste amazing.  I like the tart cherry and lime flavors.
  • FitVine Wine = We like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner once in awhile.  I saw this brand at Whole Foods and was intrigued since a claim is less sugar than other brands.  We tried the Cabernet and Pinot Noir and they were very nice, nothing too bold in flavor.  Just easy drinking wine.  I will definitely purchase them again and add them into our rotation with our Cooper’s Hawk wines.
  • Late July Cantina Dippers (Blue Corn) = These are like mini taco bowls!  Perfect for salsa, guacamole or bean dip.  I have been loving the blue corn variety.  They are also organic which is a must-have in my world.  The sodium is also low compared to other chips.


  • Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood (not a typo, that is the name of the band)
  • The Cure by Lady Gaga


  • This is Us (on NBC) = I caught up with the first season and it is a well-written show.  It made me laugh, it made me cry.  I have really enjoyed the different characters and their changing relationships with each other.  Of course I was a fan of The Gilmore Girls and the actor Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jess Mariano, stars in this series.  He is alongside Mandy Moore who is an amazing actress and she also sings in parts of the show as well.  The different real-life situations in which the show plays out is really touching.  It is not afraid to address difficult to handle situations and is very real with emotions.  It is sometimes hard to find a quality show to enjoy and this one is really stellar.  The second season is starting Sept 26th so if you are interested, there is enough time to get some snacks and catch up.
  • Game of Thrones (on HBO) = Season 7 is behind us now.  (insert me with a sad face here)  I will not comment on how it ended in case you are still catching up on the episodes.  I really hope that we are not waiting 2 years for Season 8.  In the meantime, I will be reading the very long books (with the super tiny print).  I did like how it ended and was on the edge of my seat watching the episode.
  • We also watched a couple cute animated movies which turned out to have some great jokes and entertaining moments.  There were Sing (laughed very hard with Gunter and his major piggy power) and Moana (love the chicken character named Heihei!)