April Favorites

Time for April favorites!  Again, I am not sponsored by any companies so this is just my way of telling you about brands and products that I have enjoyed.  Maybe you will find some new products to try out.  I am always watching YouTube hauls on products that others recommend so I figured I would start my own list.  This month I am also including music, books and movies.  I think book recommendations are fun to read since the best sellers or ones that have movies out are easy to find.  It is difficult to find those hidden gems that few discuss.

Snacks =

  • Chimes Ginger Chews = My favorite is the orange flavor.  The ginger taste is not overpowering like many other ginger snacks I have tried.  It is chewy but does not stick to the teeth.  I like to eat them after dinner since ginger aids in digestion.
  • Organic Kettle Brand Potato Chips = Not all of the flavors of this chip say “Organic” on the label.  So I stuck with the sea salt and jalapeno ones and they are so good!  Sometimes you just need a salty snack and these are just perfect.  Not greasy and great flavor.

Products = I went nuts for everything coconut!  It might be a cold and rainy April day but you can smell like a tropical getaway!  (All cruelty-free products)

  • Acure coconut dry oil spray = I use this on dry skin areas before going to bed and also on the ends of my hair if they feel dry.  The smell is amazing, it is just a hint of coconut.
  • Desert Essence Coconut hand and body lotion =  Just like the Acure spray, the scent is not overpowering.  It is a nice thick lotion which soaks in well.  This brand is easily my favorite lotion.  I have a tube in every bathroom and main living area – especially the kitchen since it is nice to apply after doing the dishes.
  • Everyone brand hand soap in lavender coconut = I have been trying out different brands of hand soap and came across this one.  I like how the scent is fresh and not strong like the Mrs. Meyers brand that I tried.

Books = I have been on a creepy ghost story kick recently.  I am not a fan of anything gory, I just like the stories with a mystery to solve.  These were all ones that I had a difficult time putting down.  My favorite was definitely “The Night Strangers” and I will be reading more from the author Chris Bohjalian.  He really gets into the internal struggle within the mind of the main character and it was fascinating to read.

  • “This House is Haunted” by John Boyne – This story sets place in the early 19th century and is from the point of view of a governess who has moved and is starting a new job to watch a girl and boy in a vast mansion.  I liked that it was a story that slowly unfolded and you kept learning more information about what has happened in the past.  It was also a story about this women starting a new life for herself.  It was the easiest book to read from the three I am mentioning here – big font, not many pages.  It was a quick story that was not too complicated to follow and it was an enjoyable read.  Little bit spooky but nothing that would keep you up at night.
  • “An Inquiry into Love and Death” by Simone St. James – This book had a nice twist since it followed a women who was trying to figure out the nature of her uncle’s death.  It was a murder mystery, ghost story and a little bit of a love interest book all in one.  A more complex story that the first book I mentioned but still an easy read.  Definitely a little more spooky of a story but really not too bad.  I really liked how brave and bold the female character was and how that increased as the story progressed.
  • “The Night Strangers” by Chris Bohjalian – Easily this is one of my favorite books that I have ever read.  I cannot wait to read more from this author.  The main character is a airline pilot who is struggling with PTSD after his plane crashed.  Throw in a move to a new home for him and his family and the interesting neighbors and it is a thrilling book to read.  The author handled the main character perfectly with how he handled trying to move on after his accident.  I think there are all things we have in our past that we are “haunted” by or things we wish we could go back and do differently.  It is not a book that I enjoyed reading at night since it was more of a “heavy” story with emotions and actions by the characters.  Not an easy read = smaller font, more pages.  But I am so happy that I happened upon this book!

Music = Selena Gomez “Revival” – I have never been a huge fan of her music but I found myself enjoying a couple of songs.  I ended up listening to the entire album (after borrowing it from the library) and downloaded it all from iTunes.  I rarely like a full album.  This had a great variety of beats, most of which make for great workout songs.

Movies = Hidden Figures – This movie is based on the true story of three women who worked for NASA when they were trying to get a man into space.  It was such a fantastic film to learn about the history of these three women and their perseverance.  Definitely something that I will watch again.