30 Minute Rule

When I want to tackle an organization project but really cannot get motivated to start, I utilize the 30 minute rule!

First I use my planner and select a page near the back that I can make a complete list of things I wish to accomplish.

Examples include…

  • Organizing printed photos
  • Cleaning out office papers (keep, shred, recycle)
  • Going through my beauty products to keep just the favorites
  • Removing unused kitchen utensils and related items from drawers

After this list is generated, I pick which one is bugging me the most.  Might be something that I use everyday and it would make it easier if it was sorted out.  Or if I take the time to finally organize, it would save me some time from moving around things that do not belong.  The one I selected is going through the beauty products.  Some of which are unopened and unused because I forgot I had them.  Others I need to offer to family/friends or toss since I just do not use them anymore.

In order to start (which is the hardest part) I either put on some music or a TV show.  Then I gather all of the items together and create 3 piles.  Keep / Toss / Donate

The next part is key…I set a timer, either on my cell phone or a timer in the kitchen.  Either way I only do the activity for 30 minutes.  In my mind, I can start the project if I know I get a break within a set short timeframe.  Instead of not wanting to start a project since you know it will take hours to complete.  After that 30 minutes I either walk away from it (depending on what you do it might be more messy than when you began) and pick it up again the next day.  Or I get a break, go for a walk or do something else around the house and then go back to it.  But only for 30 minutes at a time.  The last organization project was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and throwing away expired items and making sure things I kept I would actually use.  This took me two days to complete (over a weekend) and I just did it for 30 minutes at a time.  I put on some music and listened to some YouTube videos and got it done.

I wish you all of the best on your future organization project!